Charming Mid Century Chairs

The yellow chair is an Plastic Side Chair DSW by Charles and Ray Eames. The Mid Century American designer couple explored the use of new materials like moulded plastic and created a wide range of modern furniture. It looks as fresh and current now as when it was designed over 65 years ago. It comes with wooden or metal legs and a wide variety of seat colours. A classic chair which would suit a wide range of room styles and still available through Vitra.

The wire chair is by Harry Bertoia and is called the Diamond chair. Bertoia was also experimenting with new ways to mould wire into furniture. Another classic designed in 1952 it looks thoroughly modern. Bertoia was a artist and sculptor first and foremost and I think that this sense of space and form really come across in this chair. The chair is still in production with Knoll.

In sculpture I am concerned primarily with space, form and the characteristics of metal. In the chairs many functional problems have to be satisfied first… but when you get right down to it, the chairs are studies in space, form and metal too.        Harry Bertoia

The chair on the right is Robin Day’s Festival Hall 658 chair. It was designed exclusively for the newly built Festival Hall built on the banks of the Thames. It was produced by Hille and is rare because it was only in production for a few years. It too uses newly discovered moulding techniques – this time using plywood. It is simple and elegant and looks very comfortable for a side chair.

Mid century designers really pushed the limits of the newly discovered techniques that allowed them to mould and form new shapes in furniture. This is one reason why the chairs still look modern today. I have two Eames chairs in our family room. They are really comfortable to sit on. The Eames’s spent a long time designing the most comfortable and ergonomic seat. They succeeded!

Our family room isn’t the finished article quite yet…. still adding art work for the walls… haven’t quite decided what should be above the fireplace yet. I am currently thinking about a large canvas but that might change. We love our teal Eames chairs. The teal seats are a lovely subtle soft grey teal colour. Very mid century.




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