More Charming Mid Century Chairs

wegner chairs

This is the Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner. The chair was designed by Hans Wegner in 1949 for a company called Carl Hansen. It is still in production today and though originally made in natural wood as above it now comes in all manner of lovely coloured painted wood. It was inspired by a painting of Danish merchants sitting on Chinese ming chairs and is called the Wishbone Chair because of its distinctive “v ” shape back rest. The wood is steam bent and the seat is made from hand woven paper cord which should last up to 50 years. The image was found on

tulip table

These are ‘Tulip’ Chairs and ‘Tulip’ Table by Eero Saarinen. Designed in 1956 and manufactured by Knoll they are still in production. The chairs are also available with arms. So futuristic was their design that they were featured in Star Trek. Saarinen intended that the chairs were made in one piece but experiments forced him to use an aluminium base with fibreglass covering to make them strong enough. The chairs especially are such a elegant shape. Sleek and utterly modern. An absolute classic design. Photo found on

panton chairs green

These fantastic mustard chairs is the Panton S Chair by Verner Panton. It was designed in the late 1950’s and put into production in the 1960’s. It is made from plastic over moulded fibreglass and is constructed in one piece.  It was a very modern technique at the time. Even now there are very few chairs made in just one peice. It has the reputation of being the sexiest chair ever designed because of its gorgeous curves. I love the mix of styles in this image. The teak wood really works in contrast with the bold curves and folds in the Panton chair.  This chair is still in production today by Vitra. The image was found at 

Photo in title found on


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