Arne Jacobsen and Eero Aarnio Chairs


Arne Jacobsen has to be one of my favourite designers of all time. It is impossible o choose a favourite chair – I love them all. Who wouldn’t want an egg chair in their lives? Utterly fabulous luscious shapes. Curvy simple, not showy but beautiful.. Perfect for me!

Seen here the Egg chair, the Swan chair and the Series 7 stacking chair – this image a new updated version. Also at the top the “Pre Pop” dining chair and table form 1970.

I have chosen the Pastil chair by Eero Aarnio designed in 1967. He is sat on a green version and it looks surprisingly cosy considering it is made of fibreglass. The cognac chair so called because it resembles and cognac glass and the classic bubble chair which can be ceiling hung or sit on the floor and has been represented many times in Sci-fi movies.



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