Wright, Thonet and Rennie Mackintosh Chairs

The Thonet brothers made a  series of chairs designed by Michael Thonet in 1900.  They developed a method of bending glued layers of laminated wood. They patented this process and these chairs went onto become a classic french design. This chair has all the feeling of Paris cafe style and has been produced in millions.

Photo found on Wood Magazine.com


This is a “Origami” lounge chair by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Photo found on blog.apieceapart.com

A pair of plywood chairs by Frank Llyod Wright.

Photo found on art.co.uk

A stained oak armchair for the Argyle Street Tea Rooms, Glasgow.1896

Photo found at collections.vam.ac.uk

This is a “Domino” chair and table set by Charles Rennie Macintosh in 1907 for Miss Cranson’s Glasgow Tearooms. It was also revised several times. It was used to play dominos and other games and the lower shelf designed to store games etc.


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