Interiors by Frank Lloyd Wright, Mackintosh and Gaudi

This is such an iconic building by Frank Lloyd Wright – finished in 1959. The Guggenheim Museum – an Art Gallery in New York. You can start at the top of the slope – no steps and walk down the spiral looking at the art or walk upwards. Either way… a stunning interior.

Left: The Glasgow School of Art – 1910 and the interior of the bay window in the drawing room at Hill House – 1902-4 both by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I have been to visit the Glasgow School of Art. I hitch a lift in a coach going to a rally of students about student loans – didn’t go to the rally… did go and see Glasgow and Mackintosh. I love the light airy feel of Hill House which would have been so very radical at the time.

This is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudi. It was started in 1883 but not expected to be completed until 2026. It is unfinished because Gaudi died whilst constructing it, his plans were destroyed in a fire and civil war and World War Two all have slowed attempts to complete his dream. The shapes and patterns Gaudi designed are difficult to comprehend – even when you see it in front of you.


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