Modernism was a movement in Art, architecture, philosophy and Science that began at the turn of the century but was influenced after the WW1. Life had changed after the war and thinking reflected these changes. Society was ready for change and modernism was enthusiastically embraced. In art and architecture modernism rejected traditional ideas and forms. Images and buildings became much more simple and functional and pared back. New techniques and materials were used to further develop the style.

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Seagram Building by Mies Van Der Rohe and Philip Johnson. 1954-8. New York

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Le Corbusier. L’Unite d’habitation. Marseille. France. 1952

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Casa de Ladrillo. Brick Country House 1924. Mies Van Der Rohe. Art work and designs for the house.

Left: Seagram Building again. Mies Van Der Rohe

Middle: Mondrian. A new way of painting. Simplification of form – much like the forms in architecture.

Right: Picasso – Cubism was at the forefront of the modernist ideal – rethinking new ways of painting.


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