The Bauhaus, Itten and Albers.

The Bauhaus was an influential art school founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 and ran until before the second world war in 1933, when it was closed by the Nazi’s.

The Bauhaus was very influential in the way it taught and because a great many important artists designers and architects worked there. The school believed that craft was important and that its teaching methods replaced the traditional pupil-teacher relationship with the idea of a community of artists working together. No discipline was given more weight than another.

The name is a combination of the German words for building (bau) and house (haus) and may have been intended to evoke the idea of a guild or fraternity working to build a new society. Teachers included Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, László Moholy-Nagy and Josef Albers.

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The new Bauhaus Art School designed by Walter Gropius in 1925-6

Walter Gropius

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Walter Gropius – Influential teacher and founder.

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Walter Gropius office at the new Art School he designed. It includes furniture designed by him.

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F51 chair by Walter Gropius – 1920

Johannes Itten

Johannes Itten was a Swiss expressionist painter, designer, teacher, writer and theorist associated with the Bauhaus school. Itten taught at the Bauhaus and wrote several highly influential books about colour theory. His work “The Art of Colour”is still used as the basis for colour theory used by artists and designers across the world.

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Gunta Stolzl was a textiles designer at the Bauhaus and developed a weaving studio in Zurich with Itten. She used a lot of Bauhaus and colour theory principles she learnt there in her work.

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Josef Albers

Josef Albers was an important and influential artist and teacher at the Bauhaus. He trained as an art teacher before enrolling at The Bauhaus. He was originally a student there but eventually became a professor. He worked with colour theory and simple abstract shapes like squares. His “Homage to the Square” series is well used in colour theory. He emigrated to the USA when The Bauhaus closed and continued to teach art at leading American colleges.




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