Before and After Main Bathroom Renovations.

Before pictures.

These pictures were taken before we moved into the property. The bathroom was original and was definitely showing its age. It was about twenty years old. The room was light and bright and quite a large square size for bathroom so we had plenty of scope to work with. We couldn’t wait to skip everything especially the stained pink carpet. Yuk!

After Renovation Pictures


We created a false “wall”with a shelf to hide all the plumbing and the shelf is easily removed if there are any problems. This divide allowed us to add some more of the metro tiles to highlight behind the bath. The blind is made from Scion Lace fabric.


The bath and toilet are Victoria Plumb. I wish we had gone for tiles not vinyl for the floor. Its the only thing I would change. I love the clean lines and bright confident colour. It really works in the new layout.


We wanted to add some detail behind the sink but avoid the strip around the middle of the room that you see so often. The mosaic picks up the colour of the metro tiles. The mosaic tiles are from B and Q. I have had a thing about dressing room type strip lights for ages. These are from Homebase. The box frame mirror is from Next. The large white tiles are also B and Q. We wanted a matt surface to contrast with the metro tiles and they don’t show water marks as much shiny tiles. The sink unit is Victoria Plumb online. You can never have enough storage.


We are really pleased with the results. We moved the stand alone bath under the window, the loo into the corner and the shower to the wall by the door. It fits exactly into the recess and we were able to get a 1700 x 800 in with a waterfall shower head. Luxury! The green metro tiles are from Johnston tiles, a UK company. They make this shape in huge fantastic range of colours. So difficult to choose. No pink carpet in sight!




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