Cloakroom Renovation

Before renovation: Just as we moved into the property.

I am usually a fan of aqua as my friends will testify, but in this instance… with the magnolia and net curtain and all those pipes showing… and that brown lino… yuk.


The Renovation:

So the plan was to use newspaper from our wedding day as wallpaper above the dado rail and panel the bottom half of the walls and paint in grey. We wanted to personalise the space and make it interesting to look at for our visitors.


TOP TIP: I first started to use full size pieces of newspaper from regular UK newspapers and hated the result. I was really disappointed as it just didn’t look like I had imagined. I hated the colour images, they just ruined the newspaper look I wanted. So I took the whole lot off and started again. This time I was very selective about only using black and white images. I also hunted for newspapers printed only in black and white.  I wasn’t able to use whole sheets of paper but I could select just monochrome articles. We added the weather from the wedding day ( rubbish) and articles about things that were happening at the time. I still find new things to look at when I go in there.



We added a Ikea book ledge for display and a big metal rack of magazines. I like it when I  go to other peoples houses and I find magazines I haven’t seen. I can’t resist a sneaky look.



We used Farrow and Ball Pavillon Grey here. Farrow and Ball is made in Dorset a few miles from where we live and we have friends who work there so we try to use them when we can. We bought all the papers on our our wedding day to start us off and we have added papers from other countries and black and white menus from places we have eaten to build up a room of memories. The papers have been up for a couple of years and some are changing colour a bit which I quite like but they don’t match the grey paintwork quite like they once did.


I painted an old mirror frame with chalk paint and wrote one of my favourite quotes around it. William Morris -” Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. ”



Ideally  I would like to change the glazing on the window for something a tad simpler like a basic frosted glass. The thin sink unit works well as it adds storage and covers all those pipes that used to be on show.


Little people welcome you to the cloakroom. I just collaged some newspaper over some cardboard shapes.


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