Shoe storage ideas

I am lucky enough to have been asked to help my cousin and his wife with the interior design of their new fantastic oak framed extension in the Cotswolds. There will be more on this later. They have three teenage children and require lots and lots of storage. One of the first things asked for was shoe storage. Here I am focussing on storage suitable for an classic oak framed buildings so no funky white modern shelving today! The idea is that the children will actually put their shoes away when they come in from school. Here’s hoping!

Storage from the Cotswold Company

I like the cotswold colour of this storage unit. It could even hold gloves and scarves as well. Its possibly a bit on the small side for the amount of shoes teenage have. It definitely needs some cushions on the top.


An effective and simple solution. Wicker baskets would hide a multitude of messy trainers.


Simple storage and seating solution – a great colour.


I love the simplicity and colour of this unit – it has five storage boxes so perfect for the family I am helping. Everyone can have their own space to fill. Hopefully shoes will get lost less frequently.


A space saving solution – each member of the family could have their own shelf so hopefully no arguing about space!


A rustic solution for all those outside shoes.


I would add a cushion pad on top here in a funky fabric.

Decoholic on pinterest

Storage and seating to take of your shoes – the perfect design solution. I would definitely add lots of cushions a long cushion pad that covers the whole top surface. Really simple to make or to upcycle from basic units from places like Ikea.


This might be a bit modern for the space we are designing in the Cotswolds but I love the colours and would look great even if the shoes are messy inside.


You can pick up this kind of display furniture quite cheaply and do a paint job on it really easily in vintage stores. I use my to display china I bought for our wedding. I am not sure school shoes and kids trainers would look quite as funky as these high heels though!


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