Shoe storage ideas

I am lucky enough to have been asked to help my cousin and his wife with the interior design of their new fantastic oak framed extension in the Cotswolds. There will be more on this later. They have three teenage children and require lots and lots of storage. One of the first things asked for…

Our short break at Gwel an Mor near Portreath in Cornwall

We were lucky enough to spend last week in a fantastic lodge at The Residence an eco holiday lodge overlooking Portreath and the sea. There are two and three bedroom lodges and they are warm and spacious with amazing views of the landscape and ocean beyond. Our lodge had two bathrooms and a hot-tub and…

Being a tiny bit bold with colour.

This door has been painted about eight times. It started grey and then lots and lots of blues. It somehow feels quite scary to paint a door such a dark colour but we wanted some colour to contrast the white units and white walls. Finally we settled on this marine blue from Little Greene. I…

Cloakroom Renovation

Before renovation: Just as we moved into the property. I am usually a fan of aqua as my friends will testify, but in this instance… with the magnolia and net curtain and all those pipes showing… and that brown lino… yuk. The Renovation: So the plan was to use newspaper from our wedding day as…

Before and After Main Bathroom Renovations.

Before pictures. These pictures were taken before we moved into the property. The bathroom was original and was definitely showing its age. It was about twenty years old. The room was light and bright and quite a large square size for bathroom so we had plenty of scope to work with. We couldn’t wait to…

Colour Theory – Complementary Colour

Red as Complementary. Using red and green as complementaries. Red and green are opposite each other on the colour wheel. They appear brighter when used next to each other. Yellow as Complementary  Orange as Complementary.  Yellow/Green as Complementary

Analogous Colour Schemes

Analogous colours are colours that are harmonious with each other. They are often colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.

Neutral Colours

Neutral schemes using creams, greys and whites and beiges. Neutral schemes are often calm and bright and fresh.

Cool Colours

Cool colours are Blue, Green and Blue Purple A fantastic interior in cool colours using a deep blue wall and bright green woodwork. HAs  a mid century vibe about it but is also incredibly dramatic.

Warm Colours

Warm Colours – Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Pinky Purples. Rose gold is one of THE colours 2016 season. Copper and pink are great mixed with rose gold and create a lovely warm scheme. Soft grey really works with the copper and tangerine red scheme here.

Making a space appear smaller

Darker colours generally make a room feel smaller. But the upside is that they can also add real drama and make a room feel cosy and intimate. In this image all the walls and ceiling are painted in the same colour. This looks very elegant and adds drama and also shows off all that lovely…

Colours can make a space seem bigger or smaller

These before and after images show how light bright colours can make a space appear brighter and bigger. If you want to make a space feel bigger you should use colours in cool tones as they appear to recede. Warm tones will appear to come forward. In this example the woodwork has been painted white and…