Renovating my leather armchair.

I found my leather chair in Brighton years ago. I went with a friend and was looking for a leather jacket ironically. I was drawn into the furniture shop by the shape of this chair and just had to have it. Its sat in quite a few living rooms and is now in our snug….

Neutral Colours

Neutral schemes using creams, greys and whites and beiges. Neutral schemes are often calm and bright and fresh.

Making a space appear smaller

Darker colours generally make a room feel smaller. But the upside is that they can also add real drama and make a room feel cosy and intimate. In this image all the walls and ceiling are painted in the same colour. This looks very elegant and adds drama and also shows off all that lovely…


Modernism was a movement in Art, architecture, philosophy and Science that began at the turn of the century but was influenced after the WW1. Life had changed after the war and thinking reflected these changes. Society was ready for change and modernism was enthusiastically embraced. In art and architecture modernism rejected traditional ideas and forms….

Interiors by Ralph Erskine

Left:Erskines Väg 16, Ockelbo, Sweden Architect: Ralph Erskine, 1952 Right:Ralph Erskine | Villa Erskine | Drottningholm, Estocolmo, Suecia | 1956-1963  

Arne Jacobsen and Eero Aarnio Chairs

  Arne Jacobsen has to be one of my favourite designers of all time. It is impossible o choose a favourite chair – I love them all. Who wouldn’t want an egg chair in their lives? Utterly fabulous luscious shapes. Curvy simple, not showy but beautiful.. Perfect for me! Seen here the Egg chair, the…